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Welcome to VFXnow—the number one computer rental company available on the net. We offer computer rentals online, available for your convenience. Expect top-quality products delivered to bring you the best hardware solutions for your business. Free delivery in the Los Angeles metro area.

Computer rental and solutions for VFX and media companies

VFXnow pairs an agile, production-minded engineering team with a top-tier arsenal of rentable hardware to create an immediate and cost-effective solution for your pipeline needs. With no need for hardware investment, costly downtime, or last-minute IT support, VFXnow is the preeminent solution for fast, on-time, and cost-effective project delivery.

For information about the industry-leading computer rental company, contact one of our team members today at 866-691-9579

Free Shipping

Free Delivery in the Greater Los Angeles area on all orders. Free nationwide shipping for purchase orders over $49.

Buyout options
We offer buyout at the end of your rental. Please reach out to our sales team to get a quote.

1-Click Payment

No need to enter your information every time you place an order