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VFXnow pairs an agile, production-minded engineering team with a top-tier arsenal of rentable hardware to create an immediate and cost-effective solution for your pipeline needs. With no need for hardware investment, costly downtime, or last-minute IT support, VFXnow is the preeminent solution for fast, on-time and cost effective project delivery.

What is Hardware as a Service?

VFXnow was founded by GPL Technologies’ media pipeline experts, Brian Terrell and Jason Blum to support the evolving IT needs of production pipelines across the media industry. Supporting all industry platforms from 3D game design to editing pipeline integration,  VFXnow’s proactive ‘hardware as a service’  approach to pipeline optimization affords your studio an unrivaled flexibility by allowing your pipeline and IT support team to grow as your project demands do.

We offer full local support to the North American media hubs; Los Angeles, New York City and Vancouver. Reach out to us to learn more: